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Information geared toward adults who care about their overall health is abundant online, but here at SHSOFMO, we strive to be an online community where readers are able to find real answers to important questions that are not readily discussed. We address absolute health that extends to overall emotional, psychological,1 sexual and physical well-being. The tendency to focus solely on physical health leads many to ignore key aspects of maintaining total wellness. A significant facet to adults leading an abundant life includes addressing all dimensions of sexual health. This keynote encompasses mental and emotional welfare, in addition to the physical.

The goal we have set is to provide resources for adults seeking information about sexual health. Sex ed for adults is a need, and the publications found here meet that need. Adults most often find the changes in their sexuality as they age to be concerning. There are mental, emotional and physical changes that can take place, and knowing what to expect lessens the anxiety should issues arise. Browse titles of our e-books to see what piques your interest or meets a need. With topics geared toward both men and women, you will find information that applies to you in some way, or will apply to you in the future.

Dimensions of Sexual Health

Total sexual health is an active process through which adults optimize their sexual well-being by gaining knowledge and understanding, and by making better choices. Through different life stages, changes occur, and relationships evolve. In order to enjoy a high quality of life, we must maintain overall well-being, including all of the dimensions of sexual health.

Taking a look at the National Wellness Institute’s six dimensions of wellness, we can relate each to sexual health. Though they are written to talk about wellness in general, one’s sexuality has an impact in all areas of life, at least to some degree.


The emotional dimension of wellness involves managing feelings, maintaining satisfying relationships and coping with life’s stresses. We must understand ourselves and share feelings with those we are close to. Desiring intimacy is part of this, and defining emotional and physical intimacy is key to achieving a satisfying existence.


Spirituality on a basic level has to do with seeking and establishing meaning and purpose in life. Achieving peace and harmony is impossible when one is plagued with anxiety over their sexuality. While it is said that development in this dimension includes accepting that some things cannot be understood, we are here to assist you in understanding your sexuality in every area, not just the physical.


Occupational wellness is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure. It also has to do with finding personal fulfillment in one’s career. Feeling gratification in the workplace yields greater satisfaction in our personal lives. Occupational stress is common, and sometimes unavoidable, and too much anxiety over work matters can directly affect one’s sex life.


The intellectual component is the most prudent to our purpose, which is why we are glad you are here. Hopefully you stand to become enlightened when utilizing our catalog of e-books. Intellectual wellness encourages ongoing learning, effective problem-solving and enhancing creativity. Our mission is to educate interested readers on their total sexual health, going beyond just the basics.


One of the details of physical wellness is understanding how fitness and diet relate to how the body performs. Additionally, healthiness leads to higher self-esteem because when we feel we look good, we are more confident. Another piece to the physical fitness puzzle is taking care of medical needs and seeking medical treatment when it is warranted. As you read through the materials here, you will learn more about keeping yourself sexually healthy.


The social dimension encourages maintaining social responsibility and becoming aware of one’s importance in society. This goes back to personal fulfillment and how the sense of satisfaction breeds positivity in all areas of life, especially in sexual relationships. When one contributes to the community and the environment, they are more likely to experience improved relationships and more meaningful bonds.

Your desire to broaden your scope of knowledge is applauded, and we hope you are pleased with what you find among the materials we have made available. We pledge to continue to offer enlightenment on issues not widely discussed by one’s peers, physicians or partners. Biology is only one part of sexual health, and we seek to explore the other components that address psychological aspects of sexuality and beyond, as these areas tend to garner less attention from society as a whole.

Knowledge and understanding are high-priority ingredients to enjoying a lifetime of sexual health. Achieving sexual wellness often requires one to evaluate attitudes that have developed through cultural experiences and society. It also calls on us to understand the opposite sex and how a partner’s sexuality has an impact on us. In addition to learning about sex health related to your gender, you are encouraged to explore information pertaining to the opposite sex. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to be of assistance in your quest for learning.